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About us

A team of people

It started as a React.js library

In 2017 Gregor Adams started working on Dekk. Back then it was just a React.js Library that could be used to create meaningful presentations.

Tim Pietrusky, a friend of Gregor, started to use Dekk for his talks at a very early stage.

Both Tim and Gregor had been speaking at popular Conferences around the world, so they had quite some experience with Presentation Software.

A person with a book full of features

Live coding and examples

Gregor always had live coding and live examples in his slides, so for every talk he wrote a custom presentation software. Keynote, Powerpoint, Slides.com were some of the tools that he had tried, but neither offered the features he was looking for.

In most of his talks Gregor showed very complex generative art, something that no software could display in a slide, so creating his own software was the only option for him to get the most out of his slide deck.

People below a glowing block

Plugins for slides

Tim's topics always involved animations or LEDs, therefore he was very happy to try the first prototype of Dekk for his presentations. Dekk allowed him to load plugins in slides and therefore he was able to add some advanced behavior to his decks. With Dekk he could change the light settings of the venue when moving to the next slide or play music on another slide. He was able to add syntax highlighting and mark lines of the code on the slide, to help explain complex things without losing the viewers attention.

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The best presentation software

Over time Tim and Gregor became good friends, helping each other through tough times. They hosted meetups together, enabled newcomers to speak at conferences and worked on Dekk.

Dekk was young, but it has been used at conferences all over the world. Even in its early stage, it offered more room for custom behavior and interaction, than any other software out there, so Gregor and Tim decided to build a product around it, that everybody could use. The best presentation software can only be built by colorful minds.

Gregor Adams

Gregor Adams

From a young age, Gregor inspired with his creativity and diverse talents. At the age of 7 you could find works of art by him at exhibitions.

He has always been passionate about nature and started gardening as a small child. At that time he fought the snails in his garden bed, today he fights the bugs in open source software.

Gregor knows no barriers and if he finds any he breaks them as if they had never been there.

Tim Pietrusky

Tim Pietrusky

Tim... 2 daughters, digital artist NERDDISCO, open source hacker, co-founder of
LiveJS & Synoa, #schickmalzwo, mentor, visual spectacular, lightweaver & loop-drop-rookie.

Doing talks, shows and workshops about all of these topics.